​Spring Horse Health: Magnesium and Laminitis

​Spring Horse Health: Magnesium and Laminitis

Posted by Placide on 18th Sep 2017

It’s Spring - and many horse owners are watching carefully over horses and ponies at risk of pasture-induced health problems. In this article, we discuss the potential benefits of magnesium supplementation for these horses.

Spring grass growth often brings with it a myriad of problems for horses and ponies predisposed to founder. While many horse owners are aware of the perils of high sugar content, mineral deficiencies, including low magnesium, also play a critical role.

Magnesium and Insulin

Following glucose ingestion or a meal rich in simple carbohydrates, magnesium levels in the blood rise. According to various research studies, this clearly indicates magnesium is involved in partnership with insulin to remove glucose from the blood.

Without sufficient magnesium, research suggests, insulin sensitivity is impaired, giving rise to:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Equine metabolic syndrome
  • Cushings disease
  • Laminitis

Similar to the type II diabetic human, horses showing pre-Cushings signs, such as abnormal fatty deposits on the neck, shoulder and tail head, are at risk of similar problems. Therefore, these horses, and those with a history of foundering, may benefit from magnesium supplementation in the diet.

According to Dr Melyni Worth, PhD, supplemented magnesium may, in fact, help to prevent founder by protecting peripheral circulation and stopping arterioles from contracting. However, the type of magnesium supplement you use is important.

Organic Chelated Magnesium

Chelated magnesium supplements are the superior choice to magnesium sulfate and magnesium oxide. Most simply, chelation binds the magnesium to highly absorbable molecules, such as amino acids, ensuring it is picked up immediately within the gastrointestinal tract.

While non-organic chelated magnesium supplements are well absorbed and less expensive, organic chelated magnesium, such as Placide, is most effective for restoring magnesium levels and recommended for clinical use.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended as veterinary advice. At Placide, we encourage you to make health care decisions for your horse based on your own research and in partnership with a qualified veterinarian.