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The Placide Story

In 1997 Alan Smith started an animal nutrition business based in the sunny region of Motueka, supplying a range of products under the name of Agritech Products.

Often the go-to man for animal health problems, Alan was approached by a client frustrated at not being able to find a product that actually worked to pacify her horse. This got Alan thinking and he dedicated time into researching the causes of horse behaviour. He realised that generally the root cause of many issues comes from the animal’s lack of balanced nutrition. After continued research it became clear that stress, anxiety and excitement causes the body to burn excessive magnesium thus upsetting the nutritional balance bring about touchiness, spookiness and sometimes aggression.

The fact that both NZ and Australia’s soil is naturally deficient in magnesium, coupled with Alan’s findings in his research about the importance of this mineral, he began working closely with a recognised vet to formulate a range of products using the highest grade magnesium and natural additives available. He then launched the product under the brand Placide®, getting incredibly positive results and feedback from users both in Australia and NZ over many years.

In later years with his health failing, Alan and his wife shifted south to be closer to family and the Placide® began to lose some momentum. Thanks to some long standing loyal customers that were proving Placide® to be the most superior product available, the business kept trading but at a slowing pace.

This changed in 2015 when Peter McGaveston and his wife purchased the Placide® IP and manufacturing equipment and shifted it all to their base on the stunning Westcoast of the South Island with the determination to resurrect Placide® to its rightful place as the superior and genuine original horse pacifier on the NZ market.

The team at the newly formed company Agritech Products Ltd were well aware that over time there were attempts to copy the Placide® formula, however the original recipe was never acquired in these attempts and Placide® remains the Rolls-Royce magnesium based product available on the market today!

Placide® continues to be shipped around the NZ market as well as exported abroad and we at Agritech Products Ltd are truly excited to be marketing this amazing product that really works.

On-line here today you can purchase the range of Placide® products and experience yourself, the difference it can make to your equine friend.